[unav_all] Multidisciplinary geophysical imaging of volcanoes at 10th International Conference “Cities on Volcanoes” to be held in Naples, Italy, on September 2-7, 2018

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Mon Apr 30 08:04:57 MDT 2018

Dear Colleagues.

We are pleased to announce the following session at the 10th International Conference “Cities on Volcanoes” to be held in Naples, Italy, on September 2-7, 2018, and invite you to contribute to the session.

S1.3 | Multidisciplinary geophysical imaging of volcanoes

The goal of this session is to highlight and illustrate advanced geophysical methods for characterizing the internal structure and the dynamics of volcanoes toward understanding ongoing and potential eruptions, and improving time-dependent estimation of related hazards. Great strides have been made in the geophysical imaging of volcanic systems on a wide range of spatial scales in recent years. Progress has included data and instrumentation advances, the application of new techniques, and improvement in computational capabilities that hold, for instance, promise for eventual full-wavefield seismic inversions at the scale of volcano edifices. We invite contributions based on geophysical observations that contribute to the understanding of volcanic structure and processes.

We especially welcome papers on studies that:
• describe novel techniques and case studies,
• integrate several methods to build multiphysics models
• show potential for systematic application on active volcanoes
• succeed in urban settings.

Kindly see abstract submission details at:


and note that the Deadline for abstract submission is May 10.


Rick Aster, Florent Brenguier, Pier Paolo G. Bruno, Gaetano Festa, and Jean Vandemeulebrouck

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