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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider attending the 2019 SSA meeting in Seattle and contributing
to our session *Advances in Tectonic Geodesy*. We would love to see a
strong presence from the geodesy community at this meeting.

Abstract submission for the 2019 SSA Annual Meeting in Seattle is open until
11 January 2019 <http://airmail.calendar/2018-12-18%2012:00:00%20PST>.
For information about the sessions and abstract submissions:
Full meeting information: https://www.seismosoc.org/annual-meeting/

 Advances in Tectonic Geodesy

Geodetic datasets such as GPS, InSAR, and measurements of strain and tilt
are critical to observing many tectonic processes. Geodetic data is often
complementary to seismic data, with the ability to record aseismic
transients such as slow slip events. Geodetic data record the active
accumulation of tectonic strain across seismogenic faults, which are often
used to create locking models used in seismic hazard mapping. These data
are also critical to monitoring volcanic processes, such as inflation and
deflation, which are useful in forecasting and monitoring eruptions.
Significant recent advances have been made in the field of seafloor
geodetic observations, which require novel instrumentation and techniques.
Seafloor observations are key to constraining locking in shallow subduction
environments and studying offshore volcanic processes. In addition, a
wealth of land based geodetic data in many areas has enabled rapid progress
in the study of various tectonic processes. In this session, we welcome
contributions from any topic related to geodetic observations, modeling and
interpretation of geodetic data and development of geodetic techniques as
they relate to tectonics. Contributions may describe analyses of seismic or
other complementary data in addition to geodetic data. We especially
encourage contributions which focus on any of the following topics:

• Advances in geodetic measurement techniques, including seafloor geodesy

• Novel modeling, inversion or data processing approaches applicable to
geodetic data

• Studies which rigorously explore the role of geodetic data in
constraining hazards, including those that analyze GPS noise

• Geodetic studies of recent geophysical events, including the 2018
eruptive activity at Kilauea volcano

• Studies focusing on aseismic phenomena, including slow slip, post-seismic
processes and viscoelastic mantle flow


Noel Bartlow, University of California, Berkeley (nbartlow at berkeley.edu)

Kang Wang, University of California, Berkeley (kwang at seismo.berkeley.edu)

Noel M. Bartlow, Ph.D.
Geodetic Researcher
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
nbartlow at berkeley.edu
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