[unav_all] AGU 2018 Session G005 "Earth Science Research and Change Detection Using Multi-temporal LiDAR and SfM"

Telling, Jennifer jtelling at Central.UH.EDU
Tue Jul 3 09:12:11 MDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce our session, “Earth Science Research and Change Detection Using Multi-temporal LiDAR and SfM” (G005), at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting (10-14 December, 2018).  We invite you to submit an abstract and to inform colleagues who may have an interest in this session. See the links below for abstract submissions and more details about the session. Abstracts are due on August 1, 2018.

G005: Earth science research and change detection using multi-temporal LiDAR and SfM

Capturing Earth’s surface in 3D, LiDAR and SfM have found widespread application and driven fundamental advances in the Earth sciences and are becoming more prevalent as technology and accessibility improve. Repeat collections of these datasets are currently used increasingly throughout the disciplines of geomorphology, to study processes including morphodynamics, mass wasting and earthquake surface displacement and damage, and forestry, to study wildfire effects and carbon flux. They have also been used selectively in volcanology and cryosphere science. We aim to bring together researchers from different Earth science sub-disciplines who use LiDAR and SfM to conduct change detection research. While the challenges of using repeat data for monitoring Earth surface dynamics and many of the techniques for quantifying change are highly cross-disciplinary, the research questions in each of these sub-disciplines are unique. This session will explore the processing approaches and outcomes of studies using repeat LiDAR and SfM throughout the Earth sciences.


Jan Eital, University of Idaho
Edwin Nissen, University of Victoria
Unal Okyay, University of Houston
Jennifer Telling, University of Houston
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