[unav_all] AGU Fall Meeting Session G010. Geodetic Measurements of the Earth's Elastic Response to Surface Mass Variability

Yuning Fu yfu at bgsu.edu
Tue Jul 17 09:57:26 MDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to our geodesy session “G010. Geodetic Measurements of the Earth's Elastic Response to Surface Mass Variability”. Please consider submitting abstracts to this session, and forwarding this message to your colleagues.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 August 2018

Session Description:
The elastic response of the Earth’s crust to surface mass variations results in deformation and stress changes that are resolvable with advanced modeling techniques. Modern geodetic tools, such as GPS, InSAR, and Gravimetry, can measure the effect of lithosphere deformation with high-accuracy. This session intends to incorporate geodesy’s applications to hydrology, cryosphere, seismology, and solid Earth studies. We invite presentations that bridge geodetic observations of surface deformation using elastic loading theory and the resulting stress changes from mass movement on land, ocean, cryosphere, and atmosphere. This includes, but is not limit to, studies that calculate surface deformation with numerical models, or acquire independent loading data, and compare with the geodetic measurements. In particular we welcome presentations using geodetic deformation measurements at the local- to global-scale to investigate loading processes, decipher elastic and non-elastic deformation signals, refine Earth structure models, or discuss correlation between surface deformation and seismically inferred stress changes in the crust.

Best wishes,

Yuning Fu, Bowling Green State University
Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Technical University of Denmark
Ingo Sasgen, Alfred-Wegener-Institute Bremerhaven
Christopher W Johnson, Scripps, UCSD
Hilary R. Martens, University of Montana
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