[unav_all] Workshop Announcement – Re-examining our Grand Challenges in Geodesy November 8-9, 2018; East Lansing, Michigan

Freymueller, Jeffrey freymuel at msu.edu
Thu Jun 21 19:24:28 MDT 2018

Workshop Announcement – Re-examining our Grand Challenges in Geodesy

November 8-9, 2018; East Lansing, Michigan, USA

In preparation for the upcoming National Academies study “Catalyzing Opportunities for Research in the Earth Sciences (CORES): A Decadal Survey for NSF's Division of Earth Sciences” (http://dels.nas.edu/Study-In-Progress/Catalyzing-Opportunities-Research/DELS-BESR-17-06), NSF is requesting an update to the Grand Challenges in Geodesy document that was developed several years ago. We are convening a workshop “Re-examining our Grand Challenges in Geodesy” on November 8-9, 2018, on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, for this purpose.

The goal of the workshop is to assess progress in geodesy over the last several years, considering both areas of significant recent progress and areas of substantial new opportunity. Limited support for travel expenses is available with funding from the National Science Foundation, with priority for students and early career scientists. We anticipate being able to support approximately 40 participants.

The workshop dates immediately follow the GSA meeting in nearby Indianapolis, and we can arrange transportation from there if there are enough participants attending that meeting. We will ask several participants  to serve on the writing team, who will need to stay over the night of November 9. The remaining participants will be able to fly home the afternoon of November 9.

The current Grand Challenges document is available at UNAVCO:


To participate in the workshop, please apply by filling out the following online form by July 31, 2018

If you cannot attend the workshop but would like to contribute to writing the white paper, please fill out the online form as well.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Jeff Freymueller

Rebecca Bendick

Adrian Borsa

Andy Newman

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