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Donna Charlevoix donnac at unavco.org
Mon Jun 25 13:06:33 MDT 2018

Dear all:

If you have participated in a project or publication that used any EarthScope data, please contribute content (e.g., your abstract and an image) to make a Science Nugget that will be featured and archived on the EarthScope website's interactive map (http://www.earthscope.org/results <http://www.earthscope.org/results>) and also featured within Flyover Country app (https://flyovercountry.io/ <https://flyovercountry.io/>).

The next submission deadline is July 1st, 2018.

submission form:
http://www.earthscope.org/research/science_nuggets <http://www.earthscope.org/research/science_nuggets>

If you have any questions, please contact EarthScope science writer Beth Grassi (bagrassi at alaska.edu <mailto:bagrassi at alaska.edu>).

Thank you for contributing to EarthScope!

EarthScope National Office
Jeff Freymueller
Elisabeth Nadin
Jessica Larsen
David Fee
Carl Tape

Donna Charlevoix, PhD
Director, Education & Community Engagement 
UNAVCO <http://www.unavco.org/> | donnac at unavco.org | 303.381-7483

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