[unav_all] AGU session on volcano geodesy -- G002

Poland, Michael mpoland at usgs.gov
Mon Jun 25 19:01:43 MDT 2018

 Calling all volcano geodesists and those who work with geodetic data on
volcanoes!  We're happy to announce an AGU session emphasizing volcano
geodesy for the Fall meeting (December 10-14).  The abstract deadline
is *August
2* (the early abstract submission deadline is *July 26*).

*G002 - Better Living Through Volcano Geodesy: Constraints on Volcanic
Hazards from Geodetic Observations and Multidisciplinary Models*

Geodetic data, including both gravity and deformation monitoring, are
available across a wide spectrum of spatial and temporal resolutions, and
they incorporate ground-based and remote systems as well as submarine
measurements.  The diversity of these observations is critical for
constraining subsurface magmatic and tectonic processes that relate
directly to the style and potential evolution of volcanic hazards.
Measurements of surface displacements and gravity change also inform
multidisciplinary models that offer the key to forecasting volcanic
activity, from phreatic explosions to Plinian eruptions.  We invite
presentations focused on the development of observational geodetic
techniques in volcanic environments and the integration of geodetic data
with other geological, geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing results,
especially in models relevant to hazards assessment and mitigation.

- Ronni Grapenthin
- Paul Lundgren
- Chiara Montagna
- Mike Poland
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