[unav_all] Notice to UNAVCO GPS data product users: IGS14 transition on 2018-06-10 (GPS week 2005 day 0)

David Phillips dap at unavco.org
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Notice to UNAVCO GPS data product users: IGS14 transition on 2018-06-10 (GPS week 2005 day 0)

At GPS week 2005 day 0, 2018 June 10, the UNAVCO GAGE GPS Analysis Centers will switch fully to the IGS14 reference system. 

At this time, horizontal offsets in position for most sites will be <0.2 mm and vertical offsets will be 2-3 mm. For some antenna types the changes will be larger with horizontal offsets up to 2 mm and height offsets of 8 mm.

Additional information is provided in the following document by Dr. Tom Herring, the GAGE GPS Analysis Center Coordinator:
http://www.unavco.org/data/gps-gnss/derived <http://www.unavco.org/data/gps-gnss/derived> products/docs/GAGE_IGS14_transition_update_20180626.pdf

The GAGE analysis centers will transition to operationally using the IGS14 antenna calibration models starting with final orbit runs for day 0 of GPS week 2005, 2018 June 10. This change is one week after JPL switched to generating final orbit and clock products in the IGS14 system. Since the IGS transition to ITRF2014/IGS14 on January 29, 2017 (GPS week 1934 day 0), the GAGE analysis centers have been generating results in mixed systems due to JPL orbits and clocks not being available for the final orbit products in the IGS14 system. Rapid orbit and clock products have been available in the IGS14 systems since January 29, 2017. The GAGE analysis strategy for handling this situation was discussed in the “GAGE/PBO analysis transition to ITRF2014/IGS14” note.(https://www.unavco.org/data/gps-gnss/derived- <https://www.unavco.org/data/gps-gnss/derived-> products/docs/GAGE_IGS14_transition_plan_20170327.pdf). Tables of expected position changes, generated by the IGS, were given in that note. Since JPL is now generating IGS14 products for both rapid and final orbits, both analysis centers will switch to using the IGS14 antenna calibration file. 

The alignment of the GAGE product reference frame will remain unchanged (NAM08 and IGS08) while reprocessed results in the IGS14 are generated and a new North America reference frame realization is developed. A reprocessing run is currently underway and will take several months to complete and analyze. Retention of the same reference frame realizations reduced the impact of switching to the full IGS14 system.

Additional information and details are provided in the document linked above.

Thank you.

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