[unav_all] Soliciting nominations for the UNAVCO Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

Murray, Jessica jrmurray at usgs.gov
Fri Aug 2 19:54:29 UTC 2019

To the UNAVCO Community,

This fall, UNAVCO will hold its annual elections for the 2020 Board of
Directors and Nominating Committee. The current Nominating Committee is
soliciting nominations for potential candidates for both.

This year is special because, as you know, UNAVCO President Meghan Miller
will be retiring October 1, 2019.  UNAVCO anticipates that a new President
will be in place by or soon after October 1st.  The Board plays an
important role in the leadership transition since the bylaws stipulate that
the President reports to the Board as a whole.

We encourage all members of the UNAVCO community to send self-nominations
or nominations of colleagues for the 2020 Board and/or Nominating Committee
to Jessica Murray, Nominating Committee chair (jrmurray at usgs.gov); please
cc Jaime Magliocca (magliocca at unavco.org).  *The nomination deadline is
August 23, 2019.* Details are given below.

*Nominees for Board of Directors: *

This year there are openings for:

·   Two (2) Board Members who are affiliated with UNAVCO Member
Institutions. An institutional Board Member may be a Member Representative.

·   Two (2) Board Members-at-Large. The Board Member-at-Large may be or may
not be affiliated with a Member Institution, but cannot be a Member

Board Members serve a three-year term and are eligible for a second
consecutive term before rotation. (Note that this year only, one At-Large
Director elected in 2019, identified by sortition, will serve a one-year
term in order to complete the transition from two-year to staggered
three-year terms.)

A current list of Member Institutions is available at:

Current incumbents whose terms are not expiring:

1. Lucy Flesch (Institutional Member)

2. James Foster (Institutional Member)

3. Ed Nissen (At-Large Member)

4. Tonie van Dam (At-Large Member)

5. Terry Wilson (Institutional Member)

Current incumbents whose terms are expiring, but are eligible for

1. Andrea Donnellan (Institutional Member)

2. Laura Wallace (At-Large Member)

3. Nancy Glenn (Institutional Member)

Current incumbents whose terms ARE expiring, and are NOT eligible for

1. John La Brecque (At-Large Member)

*Who is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors? *

U.S. government employees may serve as “non-voting observers” on UNAVCO
committees, but may not serve on the UNAVCO Board. Some who work at
government labs (e.g., JPL) are employed by a university rather than the
government and thus are eligible to serve.

UNAVCO seeks a candidate pool that reflects the diversity of the UNAVCO
community. Thus, we request nominations that represent a diversity of
disciplinary, social, and institutional perspectives.

UNAVCO also seeks a board slate free of conflicts or apparent conflicts of
interest, in light of the fiduciary responsibility of the board.  This is
best achieved by ensuring that board members are free of institutional
award or subaward relationships that create competition against UNAVCO, or
that may create an appearance of conflict or favoritism.  Proposals and
awards that are aligned with UNAVCO’s purpose, for instance to enhance
facility support, community activities/workshops, and PI support, do not
constitute a conflict.

*Nominees for UNAVCO Nominating Committee: *

UNAVCO also seeks candidates for two Nominating Committee positions.  This
committee has staggered two-year terms. U.S. government employees are
eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Current incumbents whose terms are expiring:

1. Julie Elliott

2. Karen Luttrell

Current incumbents whose terms are NOT expiring:

1. Diego Melgar

2. Jessica Murray

Thank you,

the Nominating Committee:

Jessica Murray

Julie Elliott

Karen Luttrell

Diego Melgar



Jessica Murray

Research Geophysicist
US Geological Survey
345 Middlefield Rd., MS 977
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Fax: 650-329-5163
jrmurray at usgs.gov
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