[unav_all] USGS hiring Geoph & CompSci for the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning project

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Sat Jul 13 00:04:35 UTC 2019


The US Geological Survey is seeking Computer Scientists and 
Geophysicists to join the team that is developing and operating the 
ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system. ShakeAlert a 
mission-critical, distributed system that rapidly detects earthquakes 
and generates and issues alerts to institutional users and the public on 
the West Coast of the U.S. These positions are at the project’s central 
location in Pasadena, CA. Applicants who have experience in scientific 
development and operations projects in a real-time Linux environment 
will receive consideration for this opportunity. Languages used include 
C++, Python and Java. Experience with Puppet, Active MQ, Git, and Perl 
is also desirable.

* This is a Permanent, Full-Time position
* Level is GS-13 with a starting salary of $100,820 annually
* Two people may be hired under this announcement
* Applicants must be U.S. Citizens and a background investigation will 
be required
* More information and qualification follow the link below.
* Closing date is 12:00pm EDT, August 2, 2019.  Please apply early and 
carefully follow the instructions and resume guidelines.


For more details or to apply go to USAJOBS:


Announcement number: SAC-2019-0305

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