[unav_all] AGU 2019 Session: T023 - Geodetic Observations of the Growth of Geological Structures

Mong-Han Huang mhhuang at umd.edu
Wed Jun 26 13:05:40 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit your abstract to our session in

*T023* - Geodetic Observations of the Growth of Geological Structures

*Session abstract*: Repeated earthquake cycles result in the generation and
growth of geological structures and geomorphic landforms, and yet which
part(s) of the earthquake cycle dominates this permanent deformation of the
crust or lithosphere is still largely unknown. Earthquake cycle models
generally treat the medium surrounding faults or shear zones as elastic
bodies, while geologists often observe and document only the
inelastic/permanent component of deformation resulting from earthquake
cycles. This problem is remedied by geodesy which provides us with a tool
to investigate the mechanics of the lithosphere and understand the
time-scales over which elastic and inelastic processes evolve.

In this session we call for original research that use geodetic and other
observations to address and quantify the role of inelastic lithospheric
processes that result in the growth of geologic structures. We encourage
comparisons with (but not limited to) geological and geomorphic
observations, thermochronological data and numerical models.

*Confirmed invited speaker: *
Alex Copley (University of Cambridge): The controls on when and how
geological structures are produced by earthquake cycles


Rishav Mallick (Earth Observatory of Singapore)
Alison Duvall (University of Washington)
Mong-Han Huang (University of Maryland, College Park)
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