[unav_all] New resources for teaching structural geology and tectonics

Beth Pratt-Sitaula prattsitaula at unavco.org
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Tectonics Teaching OnRamps
Interested in integrating new teaching methods into your courses but could use a quick-start guide?

On-Ramps help faculty get up to speed in effective strategies for actively engaging students in the classroom to improve learning in courses from intro to the graduate level. Each On-Ramp focuses on a particular teaching strategy and has tips for implementation, catalyst examples in the broad field of tectonics, and links to help you navigate relevant online resources. 

On-Ramps are available both as 2-page pdfs and as web pages:
PDFs - Download either individual On-Ramp pdfs or a zipped folder containing all 9 initial On-Ramp pdfs:https://serc.carleton.edu/onramps/downloads.html <https://serc.carleton.edu/onramps/downloads.html>
Webpage - On-Ramps web site with a web version of the pdfs plus additional resources: https://serc.carleton.edu/onramps/index.html <https://serc.carleton.edu/onramps/index.html>

Initial On-Ramps cover:
Interactive lecture
Concept sketches
Lead discussions
Quantitative skill-building
Just-in-time approaches
Case studies
The attached introductory On-Ramp provides more details.

The On-Ramps originated from a recommendation in the 2018 tectonics community vision report to the National Science Foundation on Challenges and Opportunities for Research in Tectonics. NSF provided grant support for writing the On-Ramps, and the authoring team* is a group of geoscientists at a variety of career levels with specialties across the range of subdisciplines that regularly address tectonic problems. Team members come from a wide range of institutions in the US, Canada, and Europe.

We hope that you will pass this email on to interested colleagues! Although examples in the On-Ramps come from the broad field of tectonics, On-Ramps can easily be adapted for courses in other disciplines at all levels. I'm happy to answer any questions you have or take any suggestions.

*Project leads Phillip Resor (Wesleyan U.), Barbara Tewksbury (Hamilton College), and Jennifer Wenner (U. of Wisconsin, Oshkosh), plus additional authors Kim Blisniuk (San Jose State U.), Cailey Condit (U. of Washington), Anne Egger (Central Washington U.), Kyle Fredrick (California U. of Pennsylvania), Jamie Kirkpatrick (McGill U.), Sara Mana (Salem State U.), Kendra Murray (Idaho State U.), Beth Pratt-Sitaula (UNAVCO), Christine Regalla (Boston U.), and Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle (ETH Zürich).

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