[unav_all] White paper draft on modeling earthquake source processes (MESP)

Fialko, Yuri yfialko at ucsd.edu
Sat Mar 16 00:30:07 UTC 2019

Dear UNAVCO Community,

Based on the NSF-funded workshop on "Modeling earthquake source processes: from tectonics to dynamic rupture" which took place on Oct. 8-10, 2018, a draft of the report has been produced and posted at:


The goal of the white paper report is to discuss the needed future progress in the field and provide input to the CORES study (http://nas-sites.org/dels/studies/cores/) of the National Academies.

If you have any feedback to the white paper, please send it by March 25 to mesp.workshop at gps.caltech.edu<mailto:mesp.workshop at gps.caltech.edu> .  After that date, the writing group will consider the comments and finalize the report by early April; the draft will also undergo further formatting for style.

Best wishes,
(on behalf of the writing group)

Yuri Fialko                                        phone (858) 822-5028
SIO/IGPP 225                                       fax (858) 534-5332
UC San Diego                               email yfialko at ucsd.edu<mailto:yfialko at ucsd.edu>
La Jolla, CA 92093    www http://igppweb.ucsd.edu/~fialko

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