[unav_all] Phase clock/bias products and open-source PPP-AR software from Wuhan University

Jianghui Geng jgeng at whu.edu.cn
Tue Mar 26 00:14:59 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

We have released an open-source software package PRIDE PPP-AR which is devoted to precise point positioning with ambiguity resolution (PPP-AR). We hope this package can be useful for high-precision GPS positioning for geophysical studies and GPS water vapor computation for atmosphere research. It can output daily/sub-daily static positions, high-rate epoch-wise positions and zenith troposphere delays/horizontal gradients. The software comes with a detailed manual describing its structure, usage, algorithms and relevant copyright issues.

To enable PPP-AR or single station ambiguity resolution, we also generated phase clock/bias products in the IGS (International GNSS Service) Bias-SINEX format to achieve the highest precision. At the moment, only the products from 2006 to 2016 are provided, and we are preparing a routine processing for the remaining phase clock/bias products. Typically, daily GPS can achieve better than 2mm, 2mm and 5mm for the east, north and up components compared to IGS weekly solutions, and epoch-wise displacements can reach an accuracy of about 1cm, 1cm and 3cm for east, north and up in terms of RMS.

The entire project is funded by National Science Foundation (41674033 <tel:41674033>, 41861134009 <tel:41861134009>) and supported by IAG JWG 4.4.1 “New GNSS Signals for Crustal Motion Studies". You can download the source code at http://pride.whu.edu.cn <http://pride.whu.edu.cn/>and the phase clock/bias products at ftp://igs.gnsswhu.cn/pub/whu/phasebias/ <ftp://igs.gnsswhu.cn/pub/whu/phasebias/>. Please acknowledge these papers if you use our software and/or products,
Geng J et al. (2019) A modified phase clock/bias model for PPP ambiguity resolution. (under revision)
Geng J and Chen X (2018) Phase bias product and open-source software for undifferenced ambiguity resolution at Wuhan University. IGS workshop 2018, Oct. 29-Nov. 2, Wuhan, China.
Geng J et al. (2019) PRIDE PPP-AR: an open-source high-precision GNSS positioning software. (under revision).

Please contact pride at whu.edu.cn <mailto:pride at whu.edu.cn> if you have any questions. You acknowledgement to our copyright will motivate us to improve the software and products.

Jianghui Geng
Professor in GNSS Geodesy
GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University
Email: jgeng at whu.edu.cn
Office: +86 (0)27 68778955
Mobile: +86 17762578656
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/gengjianghui/

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