GAGE GNSS Data Product User Notice: ITRF2014 Reference Frame and Reprocessed Products Release

David A. Phillips dap at
Thu Oct 10 23:06:32 UTC 2019

Dear UNAVCO / GAGE Facility GNSS Data Users:

On 2019-09-01 (GPS week 2069, day 0) the GAGE GNSS data analysis transition from ITRF2008 to ITRF2014 was completed. The new primary reference frame for GAGE GNSS data products is “NAM14” which is IGS14 rotated to the North America Plate (the previous primary frame was NAM08). To assist users with this transition, data products will be available in both NAM14/IGS14 and NAM08/IGS08 versions for several months. 

Accompanying this reference frame change is the release of the full set of reprocessed products in NAM14/IGS14 for all analyzed stations back through 1996. The simultaneous change in operational processing and release of reprocessed products was planned to ensure that no artificial offsets were introduced into any time series due to the reference frame change.

Details are available in the following document:

GAGE NAM14/IGS14 and NAM08/IGS08 data products are available now via FTP, web services, and graphical data search and access as summarized on the UNAVO website.

This reference frame transition and release of reprocessed products is among the recent and planned changes to GAGE GNSS data analysis and products as summarized in the following document. 

We would also like to reemphasize that only data product files with “CWU” in the name include solutions after 2018-09-15 (GPS week 2019), also as summarized in the following document.

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