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Dear Colleagues,

The Volcanology Group at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF)
Geophysical Institute (
) is currently recruiting four graduate students at the PhD level beginning
in Fall 2020. Broad fields for the students to work in and across are: gas
geochemistry & remote sensing, geodesy, seismology & infrasound, petrology
& physical volcanology. The students will work on a recently funded
National Science Foundation (NSF) Prediction of and Resilience against
Extreme Events (PREEVENTS) project to re-analyze and combine
multidisciplinary observations of past volcanic unrest for eight Alaska
volcanoes to develop a suite of eruption forecast models. These models
will ultimately be provided to the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) for
operational use to improve AVO's eruption forecasting capabilities and
mitigate eruption hazards. We will also develop publicly available
classroom modules and a distance-based continuing education course
to be shared with teachers from communities near active volcanoes to
help prepare the populations most directly impacted by volcanic eruptions.
More details on the project can be found here:

Qualified graduate students will be self-motivated, hard-working
team-players, ideally with prior research experience. Each graduate student
will work with the disciplinary lead(s) and project collaborators to
develop new and/or automate existing analysis tools and analyze data
related to his/her disciplinary theme for all eight target volcanoes. The
students will then work together as a cohort to integrate the
multidisciplinary data for each volcano, with each student leading studies
on the one to two volcanoes with data most relevant to his or her research
interests. A brief description of the disciplinary themes, the lead
researcher (and contact information), and collaborators are found on the
project website. We encourage all interested applicants to contact the
appropriate disciplinary lead and apply to graduate school at the
University of Alaska Fairbanks prior to the 15 January 2020 deadline. More
information about graduate school in the Department of Geosciences at UAF
can be found here:


Taryn Lopez, David Fee, Ronni Grapenthin, Pavel Izbekov and Jessica Larsen

Ronni Grapenthin
Associate Professor of Geodesy
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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office: Elvey 413B
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