Next steps in post-2023 planning

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Dear UNAVCO Community:

We were pleased to see so many of you at the Joint SAGE/GAGE Science
Workshop in Portland! This communication follows up on some of the
information presented that week related to the NSF’s desire to fund a
single facility in 2023.

In Portland, the UNAVCO Board of Directors met with the IRIS Board along
with consultants from La Piana. The Boards have agreed to continue
exploring closer collaboration, under the guidance of La Piana as a neutral
third-party. The next phase is one in which we need to determine what a new
construct or entity might look like. The approach of restructuring will be
explored; this may include creating a new entity that evolves from merging
the existing non-profits. As you can imagine this is a significant task
requiring both forward thinking and institutional knowledge. To manage this
process, a subset of Board members and facility management will work
together over the next six to nine months to examine all possibilities for
our path forward. This group is being referred to as the “Negotiating

The Negotiating Committee representatives for UNAVCO include Lucy Flesch
(Board Chair), Andrea Donnellan (Board Vice-Chair), Ed Nissen (Board
member), Chuck Meertens (Acting President), and Glen Mattioli (UNAVCO
Senior Management representative). IRIS representatives include: Rick
Aster, Bob Detrick, Smantha Hansen, Susan Schwartz, and Doug Wiens. This
committee will identify all issues and make recommendations that the full
Boards will need to consider in determining the path forward.

It is expected that the full Negotiating Committee will meet four to six
times. The final recommendations of this committee will be presented for
consideration to the full Board of Directors of each organization. Each
Board of Directors will evaluate the recommendations and present any
actions to the membership.

Support of the community continues to be a priority for UNAVCO. We are
committed to representing and advocating for the best interests of the
scientific community and the facility staff. In addition to working
collaboratively with IRIS during this process, the UNAVCO Board is
committed to transparency and soliciting community input whenever
appropriate and possible.

Lucy Flesch, Chair, UNAVCO Board of Directors

Chuck Meertens, Acting President, UNAVCO
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