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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce several U.S.G.S. Mendenhall Postdoctoral
Research Fellowship Opportunities relevant to those interested in the broad
area of volcanology.  Information on the program, including qualifications
and application procedures can be found at

To be considered for this opportunity, candidates must have successfully
completed a Ph.D. in an area described in the Research Opportunity before
employment begins.  The U.S. Federal Government gives *strong priority to
U.S. citizens and nationals*, but for these two-year positions, noncitizens
may be considered under certain circumstances. See further information on
Qualifications here:

The research proposal is the most important part of the application
package, and applicants are strongly urged to coordinate the development of
the proposal with the appropriate Research Advisors.

Please feel free to contact the Research Advisors listed below for
questions specific to the project.

*Relevant opportunities*

18-18 Geophysical investigation of the 2018 eruption of Kilauea Volcano
Field, CA Kyle Anderson, Emily Montgomery-Brown, Ingrid Johanson, Paul Okubo
1/06/2020 Opening Soon
18-19 The hazards and dynamics associated with deglaciation of the
Yellowstone Plateau Volcanic Field: tectonics, magmatism, hydrothermal
activity and landscape evolution
Park, CA Shaul Hurwitz, Michael Poland, Mark Stelten, Joe Licciardi
1/06/2020 Opening Soon
18-20 Magma-physics based models of unrest at California’s volcanoes
Field, CA Emily Montgomery-Brown, Kyle Anderson, Maurizio Battaglia,
Michael Clynne, Steven Ingebritsen 1/06/2020 Opening Soon
18-21 Machine learning for the detection, identification, and location of
volcanic seismicity
Field, CA Phillip Dawson, Alicia J Hotovec-Ellis, Matt Haney, Aaron Wech,
Seth Moran, Weston Thelen, Brian Shiro 1/06/2020 Opening Soon
18-22 Geophysical characterization of the Clear Lake Volcanic Field,
Park, CA Seth Burgess, Jared Peacock 1/06/2020 Opening Soon
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