Geohazards Virtual Breakouts (Registration now required)

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Tue Sep 24 17:57:48 UTC 2019

Over the next 2 weeks, IRIS will be hosting 3 additional 1-hour virtual breakout sessions to highlight and discuss a variety of geohazards that our community has previously studied, related science objectives, and instrumentation/methods used to study these hazards.  

Due to overwhelming interest at our first virtual breakout, we have shifted future breakouts over to a different format in order to accommodate more participants.

To attend any of the upcoming sessions, please see the information listed below.  Please note that the links for upcoming breakouts have changed and pre-registration is now required.

• Volcanic hazards
Monday, September 23rd @ 4pm ET
Host: Wes Thelen, USGS CVO
Video recording available at

• Induced Seismicity hazards
Thursday, September 26th @ 3pm ET
Host: Heather DeShon, SMU
Register by visiting —>

• Large Earthquake hazards
Wednesday, October 2nd @ 1pm ET
Host: Susan Beck, Univ of Arizona
Register by visiting —>

• Hyrosphere/Cryosphere hazards
Thursday, October 3rd @ 2pm ET
Host: Victor Tsai, Brown
Register by visiting —>

These breakout sessions are part of a larger IRIS Rapid Response initiative ( to procure a new set of instrumentation to enable a new rapid response capability based out of the PASSCAL Instrument Center.  We are actively seeking input on the needs of the science community as we consider how to most effectively spend instrument procurement funds.
IRIS will also be hosting an in-person mini workshop on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 8th in Portland, OR adjacent to the SAGE/GAGE workshop.  If you would like to attend the geohazards mini workshop, limited travel support is available.  To learn more, and to register, please visit:

We look forward to your participation and input at the upcoming virtual breakout sessions.


Anne Meltzer, Community Representative, Lehigh University
Bob Woodward, Director of Instrumentation Services, IRIS
Kent Anderson, Portable/Polar Program Manager, IRIS
Justin Sweet, Portable Project Associate, IRIS

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Justin at justin.sweet at

Justin Sweet, PhD
Portable Project Associate
IRIS/PASSCAL Instrument Center

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