Update on Negotiating Committee - recap of January 2020 meeting

Donna Charlevoix donnac at unavco.org
Tue Feb 11 13:03:24 UTC 2020

Dear UNAVCO Community:

On January 28th, the joint IRIS/UNAVCO negotiation committee held its 2nd
meeting. UNAVCO’s new president, Dr. Rebecca (Becks) Bendick, joined the
committee, as did IRIS’ Director of Instrumentation Services, Bob Woodward.
The meeting was positive and productive, reaffirming our shared values and
the complementary strengths of our two consortia. Topics included:

   - Recent meetings between IRIS and UNAVCO and NSF staff in the Large
   Facilities Office, as well as the newly released NSF Dear Colleague
   Letter on the future of the GAGE and SAGE facilities
   <https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2020/nsf20037/nsf20037.jsp> (see email
   communication of February 5, 2020). We examined the implications of NSF
   guidance on the merger process, timing, and funding of the potential
   - The mission of an integrated geophysical consortium was discussed
   together with our shared vision of the desired impact to science and
   - The similarities and differences in the current bylaws and corporate
   practices of the UNAVCO and IRIS nonprofits were reviewed. We agreed upon
   the key elements of bylaws for a combined organization that would serve the
   needs of our broad community and advance the expansive fields of geodesy
   and seismology in the future.
   - We began to discuss functional organizational structures aimed at
   ensuring effective alignment between geodetic and seismologic
   instrumentation services, data services, education and outreach, advocacy,
   and the infrastructure undergirding them.
   - We identified issues to be addressed in preparation for the next
   meeting of the Negotiation Team including exploring legal options for
   integrating our corporate entities, as well as options for financial and
   facility structures.
   - The next meeting of the Negotiation Team will take place April 7, in

Throughout the day, it was once more abundantly clear how important the
unique capabilities of the respective staff and communities of each
organization are to the committee members and how much each organization
respects the other. We are excited about our progress, but there is much
work yet to be done.

If you have questions please reach out to Chuck Meertens.
(meertens at unavco.org)
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