Special Interest Group (SIG) proposals for GAGE/SAGE Science Workshop 2020

Beth Pratt-Sitaula prattsitaula at unavco.org
Thu Feb 13 15:19:45 UTC 2020

Dear Community Members:

Planning is continuing for the GAGE/SAGE Community Science Workshop. (This is the equivalent of the UNAVCO and IRIS Science Workshops, which used to be held separately. The first joint workshop was in Portland, Oregon in October 2019.)

The 2020 GAGE/SAGE Workshop will be in Breckenridge, CO August 18-20. We are currently soliciting suggestions for Special Interest Groups (SIG) (previously called Special Topic Sessions [STS] at UNAVCO workshops). SIGs are breakout groups, ~1.5 hr in length, held several times during the conference itself. SIGs serve as an opportunity for discussions within the geophysics community and feedback to the facilities on a range of topics. The goal is to have SIGs serve largely as a forum for discussion rather than just a presentation platform.

Please submit this SIG Proposal Form <https://forms.gle/2ARvsPaJoV73J1UX7> with your suggestions/requests by Monday March 23, 2020. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability. If you have questions please contact John Taber (taber at iris.edu <mailto:taber at iris.edu>) or Beth Pratt-Sitaula (prattsitaula at unavco.org <mailto:prattsitaula at unavco.org>).

Based on responses from the past workshop, we are aiming for more time dedicated to SIGs. In the event that we are not able to schedule all the SIG proposals we receive, we will endeavor to facilitate informal discussions in other ways, such as at designated lunch tables.

Thank you
-Beth Pratt-Sitaula

PS This is a different call than the Short Course Proposals <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4Bl4xgSi3N6q4vxL0xw2twHLNeXFOXo5Bvdko1aoCwRF-BQ/viewform?usp=sf_link> request that went out last week for short courses and workshops the day before the GAGE/SAGE Science Workshop. Please feel free to submit proposals to either or both types of activities.

GAGE/SAGE Science Workshop dates
Short Course proposals due: February 26
Special Interest Group (SIG) proposals due: March 23
Student travel support application period: April 1-20
Registration opens: May 1
Registration, abstract submission, and hotel deadline: July 10
GAGE/SAGE Community Science Workshop: August 18-20 (short courses August 17)

Beth Pratt-Sitaula, PhD
UNAVCO Science Education Specialist
prattsitaula at unavco.org | 509-899-3480 | www.unavco.org

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