SCAR 2020 Hobart - Coastal Ice Session

Theodore A Scambos tascambos at Colorado.EDU
Thu Feb 20 18:01:50 UTC 2020

Dear all,

We invite you to submit your abstract in our interdisciplinary session focussing on:

Climate-ice-ocean dynamics of Antarctica's coast and ice shelves

This session will embrace studies of the Antarctic Ice Sheet coastal area and its interaction with the ocean. It will cover the dynamics of ice shelves, ice rises, outlet glaciers and their interaction with climate and ocean. The session is interdisciplinary, covering primarily glaciology, atmospheric sciences, and ocean dynamics. The session welcomes research discussing recent observations and modelling that improves understanding of the causes of current ice loss and the likelihood of rapid, and potentially irreversible, ice sheet change in Antarctica. The changes are a significant contribution to global sea level rise, and remains a major source of uncertainty in future sea level projections. The drivers of this loss appear to be a complex mix of atmospheric and ocean circulation changes, which may have initiated in the mid-20th Century. New potential processes have increased the level of concern for rapid ice loss (ice cliffs, fast ice buttressing loss, sub-shelf channels, large GLOFs beneath the glaciers, firn aquifers and hydrofracture).

ABSTRACT DEADLINE is just around the corner! (February 28th, 2020)

Submit your abstract here:<>

For more information on the sessions:<>

On behalf of the session convenors;

Ted Scambos, David Vaughan, Vikram Goel

Looking forward to see you in Hobart.

Ted Scambos
Senior Research Scientist, ESOC
CIRES, University of Colorado
Campus Box 216 UCB
Boulder CO 80303   USA

tascambos at<mailto:tascambos at>; wk 303 492 1113

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