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Dear colleagues,

We hope that you are doing well in these strange times.

AGU is maintaining the Fall Meeting (December, 7^th to 11^th ), and this 
year is offering an online version of it. We would like to cordially 
invite you to submit an abstract to the session that we are organizing. 
It focuses on earthquake precursors, aiming to discuss their possible 
existence, their eventual physical origin, and their statistical 
significance in geophysical data both at the laboratory, reservoir and 
field scales.

You can submit abstracts until *July****2**9*^*th* *at 23:59 EDT/03:59 
+1 GMT*:

_*Session Details:*_

/*On earthquake precursors*/

Laboratory and theoretical studies suggest that critical failure of 
geomaterials is predictable. At the field scale, it is not clear if it 
applies to earthquakes, with only some being preceded by an increase of 
seismic activity and slip. Furthermore, the processes driving this 
earthquake preparation are still highly debated, with either a random 
cascade triggering or an aseismic transient process leading to the 
mainshock. How can we dig more into the nucleation phase of earthquakes? 
Can we determine if earthquakes are a predictable phenomenon? Moreover, 
these pre-mainshock observations mainly concern large/moderate thrust or 
strike-slip interplate earthquakes. What about intraplate and normal faults?

We invite abstracts spanning from novel instruments and network 
development to time series analysis and data mining. The goal is to 
discuss the physics and statistics of precursory signals in geophysical 
data both at the laboratory and natural scales.

*Confirmed invited speaker* is *Yehuda Ben-Zion* (University of Southern 
California) who will present pre-earthquake seismicity analysis using 
new observation technics.

We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Sincerely yours, session conveners,

Virginie Durand (GFZ, vdurand at

Adriano Gualandi (adriano.geolandi at

Patricia Martínez-Garzón (GFZ, patricia at

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