Peatlands dynamics, disturbance and restoration at AGU

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Hi UNAVCO community,

We would like to draw your attention to the AGU Session "Peatlands dynamics, disturbance and restoration"; we hope to find out that many geodesists apply their techniques to these organic ecosystems!

Peatland degradation resulting from land-use change, drainage and burning is a major environmental problem. Environmental consequences include loss of biodiversity, increased CO2 emissions, fires and haze, land subsidence, and flooding. Improved quantitative theory is needed to relate the factors controlling peat degradation rates across the landscape to these environmental impacts. This session aims to gather studies focusing on 1) the response of peatlands to anthropogenic and environmental disturbances (i.e. drainage or restoration), 2) quantitative understanding of peatland dynamics and biogeochemical cycles (i.e. fluxes of water, dissolved organic carbon, CO2 and/or methane), and 3) constraints on the role of peatlands in contributing to and responding to climate change. We welcome studies employing a range of methods, including but not limited to field measurements, laboratory experiments, remote sensing, and process-based or large-scale models. Of particular interest are spatially and/or temporally explicit datasets, and studies which integrate remote sensing and ground-based datasets.


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