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Congratulations Chuck!  You have been the backbone of the geodetic community and we will continue to benefit from your efforts and vision for years to come.  I so greatly appreciate your knack at recognizing emerging technologies (hardware, algorithms, processing strategies, etc.), understanding how they could best be used across the geodetic sciences, and implementing them well before we realized that it was a need…thank you.

Best wishes with all that awaits you around the corner.  I suspect that it will be some combination that includes bikes, backpacks, boats, beer, and a bass guitar – enjoy.  I hope that our paths continue to cross from time to time.


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On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 10:15 AM Rebecca Bendick <bendick at unavco.org<mailto:bendick at unavco.org>> wrote:
Dear UNAVCO Community:

I writing with 35 years worth of heartfelt gratitude to announce the retirement of Chuck Meertens.  Chuck has served UNAVCO in every capacity over his career, from field engineer to Director of Geodetic Data Services and —twice—president of the organization.  Without Chuck’s persistence, passion, and enthusiasm, UNAVCO would never have become a global leader in geodetic technology and scientific data handling.  On top of his scientific contributions, Chuck has also served as a generous mentor and ambassador to two generations of geodesists, pointing us all toward research advances and a stronger, more collaborative, more welcoming community every day.

I know you will join with me in giving Chuck our thanks, and our sincere wishes for unlimited bike rides through wildflowers, ski runs in perfect powder, days of steady and true winds for perfect sailing, and plenty of time with dear friends.

Thank you Chuck.
Rebecca Bendick
bendick at unavco.org<mailto:bendick at unavco.org>

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