AGU Session: Integrated studies of pre-earthquake processes, geo-hazards, and space weather with multi-sensor observations

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session  NH017: Integrated studies of pre-earthquake processes, geohazards, and space weather with multi-sensor observations  at the Fall 2020 AGU Meeting.

NH017 session description:- Integrated studies of pre-earthquake processes, geohazards, and space weather with multi-sensor observations This session expands on the latest results from cross-disciplinary observations from space and ground measurements associated with earthquakes, geohazards, and space weather. It advances the existing interdisciplinary studies of the Earth EM environment associated with lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling and other processes. Results from the latest satellite missions Swarm (ESA, 2013), CSES1 (China/Italy, 2018), and FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 (Taiwan/USA, 2019), will be presented. The presentations will feature a multi-instrumental approach to global EM observations. Data from LEO satellites can provide a global view and are complementary to ground-based observations. We are considering a wide range of Earth EM activities: - thunderstorm, TLE, geomagnetism, space-weather that can help in clarifying the missing scientific knowledge of earthquake precursors and significant geohazards. The session talks will include but are not limited to: observations; modeling and analyses; geochemical; electromagnetic; thermodynamic processes; and case histories relating stress changes in the lithosphere, pre-earthquakes, geohazards, and space weather.

Two weeks left for the final submission (deadline: July 29). Please consider submitting an abstract .

Link to submit<>

Invited Speakers:
Zeren Zhima, Institute of Cristal Dynamics, CEA
J.Y.Tiger Liu, National Central University of Taiwan

Dimitar Ouzounov, Chapman University, CA
Patrick Taylor, NASA GSFC, MD
Livio Conti, Uninettuno University

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