AGU S001 session on the mechanics behind aseismic transient slip events

Lucile Bruhat lucile.bruhat at
Mon Jul 27 14:09:34 UTC 2020

Dear all,

The deadline for submitting your AGU abstract is coming up fast! Please 
consider submitting an abstract to our session "S001 - Advances in 
understanding the mechanics behind aseismic transient slip events 
( at the 2020 
AGU Fall meeting.

Invited speaker: Masayuki Kano (Tohoku University)

Slow, aseismic slip provides insight into areas of faults where 
frictional properties are conditionally stable. Yet our current 
understanding of the mechanics of slow slip transients cannot explain 
either their broad diversity, both temporal and spatial, or their 
implications for earthquake hazards. Complex interactions with tectonic 
tremor, regular earthquakes, or earthquake swarms are often observed, 
suggesting a direct, but still unclear connection between aseismic and 
seismic slip. Indirect evidence hints that high pore fluid pressures 
affect some slow slip events. While slow slip signals were observed 
before some large earthquakes, a better understanding of the mechanics 
behind aseismic transient slip events could reveal possible forecasting 

This session welcomes: studies of aseismic transient slip observations, 
including interactions between aseismic and seismic slip behavior; 
studies of the mechanical properties or physics of aseismic transient 
slip, including modeling and laboratory work; and studies relating 
transient slip processes to seismic hazards.

The abstract submission is open until this Wednesday, 11:59 p.m., ET.


Lucile Bruhat (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)

Kathryn Materna (USGS Earthquake Science Center)

Noel Bartlow (University of California Berkeley)

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