Update on June Meeting of UNAVCO/IRIS Negotiation Committee

Donna Charlevoix donnac at unavco.org
Tue Jun 30 15:00:00 UTC 2020

Dear UNAVCO Community:

On June 16th and 17th, the joint UNAVCO/IRIS negotiation committee held
its 4th meeting. The meeting once again reflected the complementary
perspectives and approaches of both organizations and a commitment to
solutions that best meet the needs of the respective research
communities. Meeting outcomes included:

   - Review of the draft bylaws of the combined organization.
   - Refinement of a set of merger terms, incorporating feedback from each
   organization’s negotiation team and governance bodies on the prior draft
   terms. The final terms will be presented to each Board at their August
   meeting for discussion and voting. If adopted, these terms would then be
   presented to voting institutional representatives for ratification.
   - Discussion of opportunities to engage the UNAVCO and IRIS
   communities to continue education about the proposed merger,
identify options
   for facility hosting
   <https://www.iris.edu/hq/news/story/geophysical_facility_rfi>, and determine
   a new name
   for the combined organization.
   - Clarification of materials needed to support Board member review and
   decision-making at the August meetings.
   - Discussion of the overall timeline to a merger, including the steps to
   Board and membership approval as well as a tentative plan to implement the
   merger upon approval. High-level implementation steps will be shared with
   the Boards and members ahead of their votes, while detailed implementation
   planning will occur upon ratification by the institutional

We are excited about the potential of a combined organization and look
forward to sharing updates with our members and presenting our
recommendations to the respective Boards in August for a vote.

Please contact Rebecca Bendick (bendick at unavco.org) or Bob Detrick (
detrick at iris.edu) with questions.
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