Clarification regarding UNAVCO facilities

Rebecca Bendick bendick at
Wed Sep 16 18:44:52 UTC 2020

During the past several months the UNAVCO management and board have been exploring a variety of options for a more distributed workforce. One location being explored is in Montana.

A recent article in a local Montana newspaper incorrectly implied that a decision had already been made to relocate UNAVCO headquarters there.

This assertion by the news article is simply not the case; UNAVCO is only applying for non-binding state job creation incentives in case employees voluntarily relocate to Montana in the future.

UNAVCO is in the process of exploring potential location modifications to best address their current operational needs and costs associated with present GAGE2 and other activities.  Currently, no decisions have been made.

Please note that this effort reflects solely UNAVCO business associated with its ongoing activities, and does not affect the ongoing Request for Information for potential partnerships, or other joint UNAVCO-IRIS activities associated with our envisioned 2023 merged consortium.

Rebecca Bendick
Lucy Flesch

Robert Woodward
Rick Aster

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