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Brooks Mershon brooks.mershon at
Wed Dec 15 15:32:20 UTC 2021

Hi everyone!

We are very happy to share with you some live, interactive, whiz-bang
Observable notebooks
<> produced
by the Geodetic Data Services team, which include a new Geoid Height
Calculator <>
produced by intern Cassie Hanagan, an alpha version of a data access
for GNSS files, and an event search notebook
designed to help you find sites related to an earthquake event. Most
recently, we put out a fun notebook aimed at demonstrating UNAVCO's station
maintenance patterns over time
with onsite visits to update, fix, and replace station equipment.

Here's how Observable thinks of itself, in a nutshell:

The collaborative data canvas powered by community. [image: Telescope]
Explore [image: Handshake] Collaborate [image: Bar chart] Explain Data [image:
People holding hands] As a Team

We are particularly excited to have been featured as a customer success
story for Observable <>.
Their team reached out and interviewed us after excitedly taking notice of
our notebooks and Release Notes a couple months ago.

See our Release Notes
<> to
keep up to date as well as see how things have developed over time. We are
just at the beginning of making proper use of Observable.

I'd like to emphasize that what we are creating are public-facing web-tools
built with the goals of:

- Rapid prototyping. Think of an idea and have a working demo in a matter
of days!
- Collaboration and iteration. Observable Notebooks are like JavaScript +
Jupyter Notebooks + Google Docs + GitHub. Built by some titans in the
datavisualization industry. The same core group that brought D3 (Data Drive
Documents) to the world in 2011.
- Easy, but powerful. Building with Legos rather than cement and large
industrial equipment...
- Network effect. Observable notebooks import from other notebooks that
others have created and even we have created. Others, too, can import and
expand upon our notebooks to realize ideas they have that we may never have
imagined in the first place. Our notebooks on Observable have been
discovered, as evidenced by Observable itself featuring our company as one
of 8 customer success stories so far...

We kindly ask everyone to check out the notebooks, use them, comment on
them, and give us feedback so we can make them better and flesh out an
ever-growing collection of web-tools both big and small.

And don't forget, check out what other people have made on Observable to
get an idea of how rich and vibrant this platform can be for the world of
geoscience. <>

We are just getting started and we need your feedback

Thank you!

Brooks G. Mershon
Software Engineer III, UNAVCO
Shiflet Field, North Carolina
Cell: (720)-933-1079
brooks.mershon at
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