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i am heading up an open source project on gnss reflections.
this python-based code is available here:

some of the RINEX translators i had previously provided
to the community in fortran are now included in gnssrefl
using numpy, i.e. you will be using fortran for
orbit calculations but you don't have to know you are using fortran.
with funding from NASA, unavco is developing jupyter notebooks
and use cases.

while gnssrefl will ultimately include a soil moisture module, the
current emphasis of the code is for people interested in measuring
water levels, cryosphere applications, and seasonal snow accumulation

if you are interested in joining this effort as either a user or
developer, and would like to be on our mail listserve, please
contact me at my gmail address given below.  additional
information is available at the project website,


Kristine M. Larson
Professor Emerita
kristinem.larson at
twitter: @funwithGPS

Don't worry about the overall importance of the problem; work on it if it
looks interesting. I think there's a sufficient correlation between
interest and importance.
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