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Dear geodesists and seismologists,

Apologies for cross posting
We wish you a happy and successful new year. The EGU General Assembly 2021 will be a virtual conference ( <>).

Please consider to submit an abstract to session G3.6/SM4.9 ”Seismo-geodesy: integrating geodetic/seismological observations and analysis to probe the behavior of faults" for a lively and exciting session.

Slip at faults generate ground motion over a wide range of time-scales, from milliseconds to decades and centuries. While geodesy and seismology have been used independently in the past to study the fault behavior, new capabilities in space geodesy as well as seismology analysis argue for a further integration of both disciplines. A non-limitative list of progresses include the development of continuous GNSS networks allowing to monitor motion over a frequency bandwidth overlapping with seismology, new radar satellite missions, optic imaging capabilities allowing to capture new signals, before, during and after earthquakes, new detection techniques of seismic signal and the ability to build high quality earthquakes, tremors and low-frequency earthquakes catalogues, opening new prospects for the study of the Earth’deformation and earthquakes.

This session will gather colleagues interested in integrating seismological and geodetic observations, data, and analysis to better understand the Earth’s deformation and earthquakes. Welcome are contributions about new technologies aiming at improving our ability to monitor ground motion at various time-scales inland and offshore at the sea-floor.
Comparison, validation and dissemination of high-quality accessible data and software are also encouraged. Finally, we encourage submission of joint analysis integrating seismology and geodesy to better understand earthquakes from regional to local approaches. Detection and characterization of transient slip through their joint geodetic and seismic signatures are most welcome.

This session is proposed by the joint IAG-IASPEI Seismo-geodesy sub-commission.

Conveners: Jean-Mathieu Nocquet, Takuya Nishimura, Haluk Ozener, Susanna Zerbini

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