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Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to this STV related Union Session:


*Science and Technology Advancements towards Achieving Surface Topography
and Vegetation Structure Measurements*

In 2017 the Earth Science Decadal Survey recommended that NASA conduct
activities to advance readiness for the Surface Topography and Vegetation
(STV) Targeted Incubation Observable. In 2019, in response, NASA formed a
Surface Topography and Vegetation Incubation Study Team, which identified
science, applications and technology needs and gaps as well as maturation
activities to achieve STV observations. The study concluded that a common
set of 3-dimensional observations could meet many of the community needs
serving a wide array of disciplines spanning the solid Earth, vegetation
structure, cryosphere, hydrology, and coastal processes. The study further
concluded that STV objectives would be best met by new observing strategies
that employ flexible multi-source and sensor measurements from a variety of
orbital and sub-orbital assets. Maturation activities to inform the design
of a future STV observational system include modeling, simulation, and
sensitivity studies, employing existing and newly acquired 3D data, along
with focused advancements of lidar, radar, stereo photogrammetry, and
information systems technologies. This session will focus on the maturation
activities for STV. The complete STV white paper can be found at

Also, please feel free to promote through other channels.

Sincerely yours,

Andrea Donnellan and David Harding

STV Session Conveners


Andrea “Quake” Donnellan, PhD

Manager Instrument Systems Implementation & Concepts Section (382)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

andrea at


Staff Assistant: Erin Mitchell, erin.mitchell at

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