AGU session EP047 - connections between surface processes and solid Earth

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Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the AGU Fall Meeting session 
*EP047: **Coupling of the cryosphere, solid Earth, surface, and climate 
in shaping Late Cenozoic topography 

Session description:
Solid-Earth and climate dynamics interact by jointly setting topography 
and ice cover. They control orographic effects on temperature and 
precipitation; set the pace and focus of erosion and the interplay among 
climate, ice extent, orogenic exhumation, and glacial isostatic 
adjustment; and are recorded by sediments in terrestrial, lacustrine, 
and ocean basins. This session focuses on connections between surface 
processes, including uplift, subsidence, and erosion/deposition, and 
Earth’s interior rheology and dynamics, across the nexus of topography. 
We welcome contributions on data associated with changing landscapes and 
the processes driving their evolution; theoretical and empirical 
explorations of the relationships between mantle dynamics, surface 
processes and glaciations over a range of temporal and spatial scales; 
relationships between surface load redistribution and deformation; and 
feedbacks among rock strength, lithospheric stress, climate, and 
erosion. Model predictions and field observations from regions where 
tectonic processes are coupled with changing cryospheric masses are 
particularly welcome.

M. Beatrice Magnani, Hannah Mark, and Emi Ito

Hannah Mark | she/her
Fossett Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis
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