UNAVCO Newsletter—July 2021

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Our three summer internship programs—RESESS, Geo-Launchpad, and USIP—launched
at the end of May
Undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds are
spending the (rapidly dwindling) summer working with mentors on research
projects and UNAVCO projects. (More on that below.)

After pivoting to a virtual format in 2020, a hybrid schedule was adopted
this year. Following an introductory week in Boulder, RESESS and
Geo-Launchpad interns stayed to work with their mentors in-person through
the end of June. The remainder of the program is remote.

This year's interns aren't the only ones with news to share, of course! For
example, 2020 RESESS intern Jae Bridges recently let us know they had
been accepted
into the graduate program
at Ohio University—to work with none other than 2007-2010 RESESS alum Prof.
Katherine Fornash!

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GAGE and SAGE extended

Instead of being the focus of an immediate recompetition, the ongoing scope
and programs of NSF's GAGE and SAGE awards will be extended under the
current community governance structure until 2025. Updates on the ongoing
process of joining UNAVCO and IRIS can be found on the merger website.


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Event Responses

Event Responses were posted for two earthquakes in June—an M6.1 near
Chickaloon, AK and an M5.3 near Calipatria, CA.

Watch our social media channels for future event response announcements!


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Video: SnowEx research project

This video highlights a UNAVCO-supported project, led by Prof. Dan McGrath
at Colorado State, collecting snowpack data to compare with SAR
observations around the Cameron Peak Fire burn scar.


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Profiles of 2021 Interns

Our two communications interns (Lucia Bellino and Courtenay Duzet) are
posting profiles of each intern in all three summer programs. In this
edition, meet RESESS intern Samantha Motz and learn about her research


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Web Upgrades

As part of our ongoing migration to a new website design, our Education
pages have a new look! Come find curriculum modules, internship
information, posters—including a new one on geodetic methods of monitoring
groundwater resources—and everything else we have to offer.


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Want to tag along with our field engineers from the comfort of your chair?
Check out our Instagram! Catch up on #FieldworkFriday posts and some
location-guessing fun on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We recently posted a
series of short educational animations exploring different aspects of


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