AGU Session G008 -- Hydro-geodesy: Space geodetic applications for hydrology

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Tue Jul 20 15:01:09 UTC 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to please consider contributing an abstract to the following session at the AGU Fall Meeting 2021: “G008<> -- Hydro-geodesy: Space geodetic applications for hydrology.”

Session Description: One of the major challenges of the 21st century is securing freshwater for an increasing world population and preserving natural ecosystems. Geodetic techniques, which accurately measure the Earth’s solid and aquatic surfaces and their changes over time, are valuable tools for monitoring water resources. Technologies as Radar Altimetry, GNSS-IR, InSAR, and Lidar provide direct measurements of soil moisture, snow depth, and surface water level changes. Other technologies, as GNSS, InSAR, and GRACE provide indirect observations of hydrological loads, groundwater storage, and terrestrial water storage. Beyond their scientific contributions, some space-based observations can be utilized for improved management of our shrinking water resources. In this session, we solicit contributions covering all aspects of obtaining, modeling, and developing management applications of hydrological-related space-geodetic observations. We also would like to address the question, “How can we bridge the gaps between remote sensing products and science requirements?”

Session ID: 121365<>

Session Format: Hybrid (virtual and in-person)

Invited Presentations:
Fernando Jaramillo, Stockholm University
Stacy Larochelle, California Institute of Technology

Abstracts are due by Wednesday, 4 August.

With gratitude,

Shimon Wdowinski, Florida International University
Kristine Larson, University of Hawaii
Dan Cayan, UC San Diego
Hilary Martens, University of Montana


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