AGU 2021 Session Highlighting 30-year Anniversary of the Alaska Satellite Facility

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Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU21 session "*G007
- Highlights from the SAR Community Supported by ASF's 30-Year Quest for
Making SAR Data Accessible*"

*Session Link:*

*Session Description:*
SAR has proven to be a versatile tool for a range of Earth science and
applications disciplines. Since the launch of Seasat in 1978, SAR has
undergone significant developments. While early missions enabled the
development of first SAR applications, second generation sensors increased
data diversity and broadened the SAR community. The free-and-open
globally-sampled data from ESA’s Sentinel-1 and the upcoming NASA-ISRO SAR
(NISAR) mission are further revolutionizing SAR as an Earth observation

The NASA Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) Distributed Active Archive Center
(DAAC) has supported SAR activities since 1991, enabling a number of
scientific achievements over the years. To celebrate ASF’s 30-year
anniversary, we invite contributions that highlight the utility of SAR to
society. Projects utilizing SAR data on a large scale (geographically,
time, or wavelength) are of interest. Presentations touching on current and
future developments in SAR, cloud-based SAR analysis, and high-impact
NASA-supported projects are also welcome.

Franz J Meyer, Wade Albright, Nettie La Belle-Hamer (ASF)
Bernd Scheuchl (University of California Irvine)

Franz J Meyer
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