UNAVCO ECE AC meeting Monday 3/8 (11:00 am MT)

Donna Charlevoix donnac at unavco.org
Fri Mar 5 17:44:10 UTC 2021

Dear UNAVCO ECE Advisory Committee:

We will meet Monday (March 8, 12:00 pm MT) via Zoom. Connection information
is below.

Note: If you have not yet accepted the invitation to Boardable
<https://boardable.com/>,* please do so as soon as you can.* If you no
longer have the invitation reach out to Melissa (weber at unavco.org).
Beginning in April, we will be using this tool for any votes and for formal
archiving of the minutes and other information.

The agenda for Monday is available here
The focus will be on input on a new section of our webpage "What is
Geodesy?"  We will also approve the February minutes
take a look if you've not yet had the opportunity.

An update on the summer internship programs is summarized below. Monday I
will also have an update on the 2021 technical short courses. We will
answer questions on both topics at the beginning of the meeting.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and look forward to seeing most of you on


Topic: ECE-AC

Time: Mar 8, 2021 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/98673963778

Meeting ID: 986 7396 3778

Passcode: ece

*Overview of new developments*
One of our goals for the new website is to include more information for
public outreach that explains in simple terms what UNAVCO does and why it's
important. To that end, we're planning a "What is geodesy?" section
accessible under the "What We Do" menu. This would start with a very quick
introduction to the concept of geodesy, but house links to deeper dives on
any topics we'd like, explaining how instruments work, geoscience behind
the meaning of those measurements, societal relevance, etc. This could also
include specific topic pages that we might want to reference from, say, the
polar group's webpages.

We would like to gather ideas and feedback about what we could do with this
section, topics to include, etc.

*Summer internship programs*
UNAVCO will manage three internship programs this summer with a total of 20
interns (RESESS, 8 interns, Geo-Launchpad, 4 interns, USIP, 8 interns). We
are following University of Colorado guidance as well as Boulder County
Health Department and the Colorado Department of Public Health to ensure a
safe experience for interns.

As such, we will institute a hybrid model for RESESS and Geo-Launchpad.
USIP interns have the option of being all remote or in person (we do not
provide housing for USIP). Geo-Launchpad and RESESS Interns will be in
Boulder for the first 5 weeks of the program and complete the final 6 weeks
from their home locations. This will allow for cohort building and bonding
as well as provide an opportunity for any field work that may need to

The other significant change is that the professional development
programming is being reviewed and revised, led by Anika and Kelsey.

Donna J. Charlevoix, PhD     (she/her)
UNAVCO, Director Education & Community Engagement
Managing Director of Communications
303.381.7483 | donnac at unavco.org

Read the latest update on UNAVCOs operational status
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your publications*
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