USGS Mendenhall post-doctoral opportunity in Cascadia subduction zone transient deformation

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USGS Mendenhall post-doctoral opportunity in Cascadia subduction zone transient deformation

Understanding the physical processes of deformation on the Cascadia subduction interface and quantifying the extent and rate of aseismic deformation is needed to assess the interseismic slip deficit in the shallowest part of the megathrust, which directly controls the potential seismic hazard of the Cascadia subduction zone.

We are seeking a Mendenhall post-doctoral researcher who is interested in using geodesy and seismology to pursue research on aseismic deformation in Cascadia, ideally fusing data from Network of the Americas (NOTA) strainmeters and seafloor geodesy with continuous GNSS data from NOTA and Central Washington University’s Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (PANGA), along with any other types of available data.  There are numerous possible research topics that could help us understand the kinematics of slip in the Cascadia subduction zone, the physics of slip and tremor processes, and the resulting seismic hazard.  Potential research proposal topics include but are not limited to: the relationship of aseismic slip events to major earthquakes; forecasting Cascadia post-seismic slip and its hypothetical implications for evolution of a Cascadia megathrust earthquake sequence; optimal utilization of strain, seafloor geodetic, and GNSS data to rapidly constrain depths and focal mechanisms of major earthquakes offshore Cascadia; and development of algorithms to detect and locate sources of aseismic deformation in near-real time.

For more information about this and other Mendenhall post-doctoral fellowship opportunities please see:

Applications, including a research proposal, are due by January 6, 2022.

If you are interested in applying, please reach out to any of the advisors for this research opportunity:
Sarah Minson <sminson at>, Evelyn Roeloffs <evelynr at>, Andy Barbour <abarbour at>, Nick Beeler <nbeeler at>, Joan Gomberg <gomberg at>, Jess Murray <jrmurray at>, Ben Brooks <bbrooks at>

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