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Rebecca Bendick bendick at
Mon Oct 4 18:26:15 UTC 2021

Dear UNAVCO Community:

Please join me in congratulating all of the 2021 AGU honorees.  In particular, some very special members of our community who are being recognized this year include:

Rick Aster, who continues to play a central role in envisioning the future EarthScope Consortium,
Andrea Donnellan, who recently served on the UNAVCO Board of Directors and has contributed to governance for decades,
Kim Kastens, who was a very early adopter of GPS and the UNAVCO mission, 
Glenn Milne, who has played a critical role in quantifying GIA, 
Onno Oncken, who continues to collaborate with UNAVCO on international initiatives, 
and Suzanne Anderson, David Holland, and David Wald, who have all used UNAVCO data and resources to make major scientific advances.

We also congratulate Lin Liu and Surendra Adhikari on their John Wahr awards.

These amazing scientists inspire our efforts here at UNAVCO, as do you all.  In these challenging times, when the role of science is more important and more contentious than ever, it is wonderful to take some time to consider how far we have come, and how exciting the discoveries of the future will be.

All the best,

Rebecca Bendick
bendick at

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