South Pole Alternate Technician Needed

Donna Charlevoix donnac at
Thu Oct 7 20:29:58 UTC 2021

The Observatory Operations Team is seeking an ALTERNATE technician to
winter at the South Pole Observatory in Antarctica THIS YEAR.  One of the
technicians deploying to the South Pole this coming season has hit a
complication with their physical qualification.  While there is a chance
they could still spend the upcoming winter on the Ice, we're moving forward
with training another technician as a backup to ensure continuity of

If you know of anyone who might be interested in training at NOAA and
possibly deploying to South Pole *in January 2022 for ten months*, please
put them in touch with the Observatory Operations Division IMMEDIATELY:
brian.vasel at and christine.smith at

Please feel free to share this widely within your communities.

- United States citizen
- Meets OPM Physical scientist education/experience (
- Past technical experience
- Must be able to pass a rigorous physical qualification
- Must be able to obtain a New Zealand visa
- Must be able to pass a federal service background check

*Approximate Schedule:*
- 1 Nov - 10 December: Virtual training on GML science (hired as contractor)
- 1 Nov - 10 December: Complete physical qualification for Antarctic travel
- ~10 December: Go/no go decision for deploying to South Pole. If
needed, NOAA HR begins federal hiring on a temporary appointment.
- ~13-20 December: Hands on training in Boulder.
- ~December 21- 3 January: Time with family, no training.
- 4 January: Depart Boulder for South Pole, begin quarantine in San
Francisco and New Zealand (~20 days total).
- ~15 February: Station closing for the winter (last flight off station).
- ~20 November 2022: Depart South Pole.
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