GeoNet GNSS data repository: migration from FTP to HTTPs

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Thu Sep 2 03:35:58 UTC 2021

Dear all,

GeoNet (New Zealand) is migrating GNSS data access from the current FTP server (<>) to HTTPs (<>). The FTP server will be deprecated in December 2021. If you are using and downloading our data, please update your codes at your earliest convenience.

### Why we are deprecating FTP
Data distribution or access via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has been recognised as an IT security risk for many years now, and has been deprecated by several data centres. The majority of internet browsers are also deprecating FTP (i.e.: Chrome has deprecated FTP in March 2021:, causing our end users to not be able to access or list the GeoNet data archive using a browser.

### GeoNet FTP deprecation timeline
The recommended distribution channel for our GNSS data products is now migrated from to The latter is now online.
The two access mechanisms (FTP and HTTPS) will coexist until December 2021, to allow users migration. After that date, only the HTTPs address will be available.

### Details on folder structure changes
Most of the "directory structure" is unchanged, but we have reorganized some of the endpoints that were not sitting under "gnss".

The following GNSS data products are now distributed via HTTPs
- GNSS 30s raw hourly data
- GNSS 30s daily RINEX2.11 data
- GNSS 30s hourly RINEX2.11 data
- GNSS 1sec 15 min RINEX2.11 data of a selection of stations that are streaming in real time and contributing to the LINZ's PositioNZ-Real Time network.
- GNSS metadata sitelogs (ascii format and Sopac2004 XML format)

The old and new endpoints are:
FTP url:
HTTPs url:

current FTP mount
HTTPs mount
GNSS 30s raw files
GNSS 30s rinex files, hourly
GNSS 30s rinex files, daily
GNSS 1s rinex files, 15min(*)
GNSS local site_ties
GNSS metadata in sitelog format

We hope this change will not impact your ability to access and use our data.

Please let us know if you need further details, and we will be happy to provide additional information or coordinate specific user group discussions.
Please contact us by
·         replying to this email (and including myself and Megan Kortink, both in cc)
·         using our
·         or via email at info at<mailto:info at>.

Apologies for any cross posting, and please circulate this with anyone else in your organization that might be interested.

Best regards,


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