NASA ROSES DSI Program: Future of high-resolution topography: Proposals due Oct 14

Phillips, Benjamin R. (HQ-DK000) ben.phillips at
Wed Sep 8 21:56:15 UTC 2021

NASA is currently soliciting proposals for the Decadal Survey Incubation (DSI) Program (<>). DSI is a new program element that was recommended in the 2017 Earth Science Decadal Survey (<>) and intended to accelerate readiness of high-priority observables needing science requirements refinement, technology development, and/or other advancements prior to cost-effective flight implementation. DSI includes Surface Topography and Vegetation (STV). The STV observable encompasses bare surface land topography, ice topography, vegetation structure, shallow water bathymetry, and snow depth. These science and applications communities are seeking a global baseline topographic map, followed by accurate repeat measurements to capture temporal changes. The community vision for these measurements exceeds current capabilities, aspiring to sub-meter resolution and accuracy and sub-weekly repeat observations, sustained over a decadal timescale. Achieving this vision is expected to require an architecture of multiple platforms leveraging some or all of lidar, radar, stereo photogrammetry, and information systems technologies on orbital and suborbital platforms. A framework for developing this STV architecture within the next decade includes integrated modeling, simulations, technology development, and trade studies.

Proposals are due October 14, 2021.
Questions can be directed to Benjamin Phillips (ben.phillips at<mailto:ben.phillips at>) and Robert Bauer (robert.bauer at<mailto:robert.bauer at>).
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