PhD Opportunity in Mid-Ocean Ridge and Continental Rift Dynamics

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PhD Opportunity in Mid-Ocean Ridge Dynamics at the University of Idaho
The Idaho Geodynamics Group<> at the University of Idaho is seeking a motivated student to fill a PhD position in computational and/or experimental geodynamics. The successful applicant will perform research that will contribute to the NSF-funded project: Moving into the 3rd Dimension: Quantifying the influence of Magmatism, Tectonics, Hydrothermal Cooling, and Hotspots on the Dynamic Evolution of Divergent Plate Boundaries<> under the direction of Dr. Eric Mittelstaedt.
Mid-ocean ridges often shift their locations or "jump", changing the size and shape of the tectonic plates or creating micro-continents (small slivers of continental material). These jumps are believed to result after some process weakens a nearby plate interior, but the driving processes behind this weakening are poorly understood. Previous studies examined mid-ocean ridge jumps in a 2D geometry but could not quantify the 3D growth and evolution of new ridges, leaving a gap in our understanding of plate tectonics. To address this gap in knowledge, the successful applicant will use state-of-the-art 2D and 3D numerical simulations to isolate the processes that lead to mid-ocean ridge jumps and quantify the subsequent evolution of new ridge segments.
Applicants should have a strong background in mathematics and physics. Successful completion of a MS or equivalent degree in a STEM field by the start date of Fall 2023 is preferred. Application information and forms can be found at the following links for the University of Idaho<> and the Department of Earth and Spatial Sciences<> - note that both applications should be completed when applying. Please direct further inquiries to Dr. Eric Mittelstaedt<mailto:emittelstaedt at>.
Priority Application Deadline: 15 January 2023
Advisor: Dr. Eric Mittelstaedt<>
Location: University of Idaho<>

Eric Mittelstaedt, Ph.D.
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