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Mon Nov 7 22:52:29 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We at the Subduction Zones in 4 Dimensions (SZ4D <>)
initiative are extremely excited to share with you the SZ4D Implementation
Plan. The SZ4D is a community-driven, multidecadal, interdisciplinary
scientific initiative that strives to understand how the different
components of subduction zone systems interact to produce and magnify
geohazards over time. The Implementation Plan articulates a cogent and
forward-looking vision for the future of subduction-zone science.

The SZ4D Implementation Plan can be found here:

Additionally, a brief press release describing the report can be found here:

Please feel free to share this information broadly within your professional

Many thanks

Questions and queries should be directed to contact at

[image: COVER SZ4D Implementation Plan 2022.jpg]
*Hilley, G.E. (ed.), Brodsky, E.E., Roman, D., Shillington, D.J.,
Brudzinski, M., Behn, M., Tobin, H. and the SZ4D RCN (2022). SZ4D
Implementation Plan. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at
<>. <>*
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