AGeS-Grad Proposal Deadline on Feb 1, 2023; info session on Dec 1, 2022

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Tue Nov 22 17:03:57 UTC 2022

Dear all,

The next AGeS-Grad (Awards for Geochronology Student Research) Program deadline is Feb 1, 2023.

AGeS-Grad offers support for graduate students in the U.S. to develop the scientific rationale for projects involving geochronology, and then provides them with hands-on experience acquiring data in labs, all while being mentored by geochronologists. You do not have to have geochronology experience or expertise to be competitive for AGeS-Grad support. AGeS specifically seeks to develop and promote new collaborations and new experiences in geochronology. AGeS awardees visit a U.S. geochronology lab for a week or more, participate in sample preparation and analysis, and learn fundamental aspects of the methods, techniques, and theory used in modern analytical facilities. Awards can be used to fund analytical costs, sample preparation, travel to the host geochronology lab, lodging, and other expenses.

AGeS plans to make 18-22 awards averaging ~$8500 each in 2023. AGeS seeks to fund broadly in terms of research, geochronologic technique, and participants. Proposals will be evaluated not only based on overall significance, design, and logistical plan, but also on the degree to which the project will expand access to geochronology and build new networks. Applicants must be graduate students at an accredited college or university in the U.S. or its territories. Any lab in the U.S. or its territories can participate. The study areas of AGeS projects can be located anywhere worldwide.

There are 64 AGeS labs and >100 geochronologists available for potential collaborations, with detailed information about each lab listed on the AGeS website. We recommend that applicants contact a preferred lab about potential projects as early as possible because each lab may support a maximum of 4 projects each application cycle.

For additional program details please see the AGeS3 website at:<;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!dWpVE9GfHm0IhaxTjp6mg89TuWhIyXgbn9T-tEVQAaqRKDOgGW10fjKWyDVRggafZupoRdLXc_il7j3NK6O99DXoYKTDpvpPl9iO$>

We will be holding an information session about AGeS-Grad on December 1, 2022 at 10-11 am Mountain Time to explain the program and answer questions. Previous AGeS-Grad awardees will discuss their experiences.  The session will be by ZOOM and will be recorded and available for review afterwards:<;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!dWpVE9GfHm0IhaxTjp6mg89TuWhIyXgbn9T-tEVQAaqRKDOgGW10fjKWyDVRggafZupoRdLXc_il7j3NK6O99DXoYKTDpgmUufZO$>

Meeting ID: 950 7780 1155

Passcode: 511438

During the information session, we will address questions about the AGeS-Grad program and the application and review process. After exploring the AGeS3 website, please use the Google Form link provided below to ask questions. We will plan to respond to these and other questions during the session.<;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!dWpVE9GfHm0IhaxTjp6mg89TuWhIyXgbn9T-tEVQAaqRKDOgGW10fjKWyDVRggafZupoRdLXc_il7j3NK6O99DXoYKTDpkXlKlsp$>

Please forward this message broadly to potential applicants and to your departments.

Becky Flowers (CU)

Ramon Arrowsmith (ASU)

AGeS program co-directors

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