[Winsar-Users] ANNOUNCEMENT: Major changes to InSAR data access and related web pages at UNAVCO

Fran Boler boler at unavco.org
Wed Jul 11 11:40:01 MDT 2012

Dear WInSAR Data User-

UNAVCO has been working behind the scenes for over a year to improve the 
SAR archive infrastructure, data organization, and the tools for 
accessing SAR data at UNAVCO.  We have also worked to reorganize the 
WInSAR web site and created a new set of pages for the SAR data archive 
at UNAVCO. We are pleased to announce that the new tools and supporting 
SAR web pages will be released on Tuesday July 17.

Here are some highlights of the new capabilities coming next week:

·An application programming interface (API) that allows you to 
programmatically access the data you need

·An example Python client that works with the API

·A new web Graphical User Interface (GUI)

·The ability to search for WInSAR, EarthScope, or Supersites data 
holdings through one interface

·EarthScope CSA Radarsat-1 data originally available as STF has all been 
sliced into frames and formatted as CEOS

·Just one set of credentials (username/password) is needed to access any 
data that you have rights to

A consequence of the migration to the new database and related storage 
realignment is that we are unable to continue to support the current 
data access tools once the new system is released. We will change to the 
new system and the old system will simultaneously be retired. This will 
happen next Tuesday and will involve a temporary shutdown for access to 
the archive until the changeover is completed. Though we expect the 
process to take just a few hours, it may take the entire day so please 
plan your data access accordingly.

We will send links to the new services when the migration is complete.

Best regards,
Fran Boler

Fran Boler, Ph.D.
Data Center Manager
Geodetic Data Services
boler at unavco.org

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